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Steering Wheel Ford Be Light Thanks To EPAS

September 18, 2014
Steering wheel Ford cars circulating in the automotive market the current Homeland has been equipped with the latest technology called Electric Power-Assisted Steering or EPAS. Thanks to the use of EPAS, the driver easier control of the vehicle.
"Thus the dynamic driving Ford cars have high quality. The one that became his trademark have a peek here is the difference between "flavor" while driving, "says Muina Englo, Branch Manager of Ford field, under the banner of PT Alfa Auto independent.
EPAS are designed to be technology car responsive and make the vehicle stays in line without the need for more effort, so the driver can be more focused and controlled while on the road.
This is because the EPAS use of electric motor and hydraulic pump, so instead of driving a check this out  vehicle can be programmed. "However, there is no dependency engine, so You still have the energy at the time of stall or machine shook," continued the woman who often greeted this Meme.
In addition, fuel efficiency was also increased to 5 per cent, when the adjustment wheel is only created when the conditions of speed, roads and weather need it. Even EPAS offer more aid so that driving so "lighter" and responsive when driving in the city and Park the car.
EPAS also offers little help making driving so "steady" and easily controlled when driving in a high speed on the freeway. Adjustment of steering happens very subtly, so that the driver felt the sensation of an easy drive on track.
These EPAS application installed on Ford's product line-up which is now on sale at markets like national automotive Fiesta, Focus and the latest on the EcoSport.

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