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Nih Price Kawasaki Z800 in Thailand, cheaper From Indonesia!

August 7, 2014
In Indonesia, moge naked 4-cylinder Kawasaki Z800 sold Rp 169 million, on the road from Jakarta. The units were imported  this website  directly from Thailand as a whole. Understandably, this is indeed the moge assembly plant in Thailand. Want to know the price of the same motor for Thailand's market?
Info from mention if the motor is removable only 350 thousand Bath or around Rp 129 millions! Yes, certainly cheaper because there is no tax import duties and my company  shipping costs between countries. Color choices in their home country are more diverse. There are orange and white which makes it more attractive look. Are to the same specifications.
On the legs, mounted upside down 41mm at the front and monoshock at the rear, antilock braking devices plus system (ABS). While the use of handlebars flat bart riders intended to more comfortable during the maneuver, also looks dashing.
Kawasaki-engined machine brings the Z800 806 cc, 4-cylinder in line. The technology his has a DOHC 4 valves per cylinders also has refrigerated liquid. For fuel supply system injection. Are claims his energies reach 83 kW or about 111,3 dk on 10,200 rpm and of torque at 8,000 rpm 83 Nm.
For who want to know more complete specifications Kawasaki Z800, the following data

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