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Harley Davidson Sport ties Formed in the

September 18, 2014
The legend of Harley Davidson motorcycle owners in West Sumatra was steadily growing from time to time. Despite the growth in numbers is not too significant, knowing the price of the motor is not cheap, click site but the number of units owned by members of the community in the West continue to grow. It can be seen every time there is activity that held these hobbies clubs.
In the field, one of the Club's origin is the Harley Davidson Club Indonesia (HDCI) West Sumatra that has existed since a few years ago. Its members have achieved a number in the range news of 40 people of various age levels, ranging up to 30 years of age over 60 years.
But, now the West is divided into two HDCI. Some of the members began to secede and form a new community named Harley Davidson Sport Bond (ISHD) field. "Not secede, we named this part instead of divorced," banter h. Ulfia, owner of a shoe store in Permindo, Balance field.
After the search, it turns out some of the other members are aged over 45 years tends to join this new community. "Yes, just a couple of weeks we are amassing for talking about the name of the Club and the members who joined," said Michael Alexander, who was then appointed as Chairman.
According to the men of this age of 47, the Club formed the independent. "Independent, so better not hanging with other clubs," said Michael who once had many variants such as the H-D Road King classic, Heritage standard and classic until finally chose Ultra 2007 Eagle-engined Stream 1,800 cc as the mainstay.
Well, H-D bikers community tend to be called the "old party" this looks ngumpul at home Eating Seagrass Waves on Friday (5/9) morning. See also Yendril, member H Ir DPRD Kota Padang from the riding SG Hanura Party Street Glide 2011 alerts and H Agus Edi entrepreneurs riding a Ultra Classic 2007.
It turns out they're preparing to do touring to Soweto. Incidentally there's a Sumatran event Bike Week in review, Saturday and Sunday that this year's turn of events. location of Pekanbaru so "It's the biker H-D get-together once in two years in Indonesia. Previously on terrain, after it may be allotted or Palembang, Lampung "says Michael who first ascended the moge in 1984 in Australia.
Estimated to be as many as 1,000 units of H-D meets the city of Pekanbaru. Surely the distinctive voice of this American-made motorcycle exhaust will boomed throughout the streets of the oil. This was one of the sensations of riding motorcycles Harley and Bill Arthur creations Walter Davidson. "There is a sense of pride and tersediri sensation hard to be revealed when we ride the H-D motor," explained Haji Ul who had a type of artificial-engined 1942 WLA 750cc and Ultra Classic 2005 with production kitchen runway 1,450 cc.
Indeed recognized, other than as a hobby, has a great motor and drive a Harley Davidson give experience and pride at once is also a lifestyle (lifestyle) fans and lovers of moge H-D. Reasonable when gathering or Club lovers of motor it is scattered in various major cities in the country. They form a community on the basis of similarity of a hobby and passion of fellow bikers brotherhood regardless of age. Don't get me wrong, when many of its members are elderly but still dashing when riding the H-D motorcycle. That is, the age may be old, but the spirit remains young.

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