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Care for Orphans Solidarity, Brother Seeker Reward

August 5, 2014

Care for Orphans Solidarity, Brother Seeker Reward

At least 13 clubs in Banten, Jakarta, Bekasi appreciate lunge Solidarity Orphan Care (SPY). They hurried to close ranks and work together with this foundation.

"All the clubs come together and make a joint social events try this As per an agreement with the Foundation, we invited 99 orphans for Iftar together in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta, "open Budi Susanto, social service committee chairman and his deputy Abdul Halim.

The cooperation between these clubs truly make salute. There is no selfish club, all are equally seek reward in this holy month.

Before breaking the fast, the location of dozens of motorcycles bukber already crowded den gan various style modifications. There are Pirates Bikers Club, Café Racer Indonesia, Outsiders, MACI Autsyders, Independent, Tagor, RHC, CRCI, AMBI, Benelli Owners Indonesia, Skills, Byonic, KAC, Piaggio also Power.

The atmosphere is warm and affectionate is depicted in this event. Orphans are invited to break the fast together also continued with the prayer in congregation and breaking fast together with the motor. "Held race prayer. Now who is the most good can adzannya gift yes, "said Agus and Mario like this treasurer of the club's events AMBI and Skills.
The moment that awaited the children were quite touching. From the results gathered from the life fund members and sponsors, the entire parcel orphans can Lebaran plus pocket money for them.

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