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Boron Steel Body Secret Ford Tough

September 18, 2014
Here's the secret of why Ford car body more resistant to impact. It turns out the whole body and rangkanya coated with boron steel materials. As is known, the boron steel is an alloy steel typically used in infrastructure projects.
The symbol B Boron is the chemical element check over here chemical element found in the Earth's crust. These elements formed on coal, Ocean, sedimentary rocks, and in certain types of soil.
More and more steel, the greater the protection against security of passenger cars. But the question is, how do the Ford engineers that give extra protection without having to add to the load of a check my blog vehicle that can reduce fuel economy? Then, Ford engineers looking for the answer through the aviation industry and find steel boron, where 4 times stronger than the usual high-power steel.
Full steel, Boron steel is very high magnitude used Ford manufacturer, with low metal and dual-phase steel, to protect all passengers, yet still conserve fuel.
"Because the Boron steel can be fused with components that are thinner than normal steel, and lighter at the same time remains strong and has resilience," says Muina Englo, Branch Manager of Ford Field under the flag of PT Alfa Auto independent.
Ordinary woman who is described is addressed this Meme that with refined style as well as a high level of tensile steel, it is easy to set up and merged with the main area, such as bumpers, pillar and to provide ' safe ' flavor without adding weights and use more fuel.
Boron steel is used for all Ford vehicles door beams to help protect passengers in case of a collision on the side. Steel is also used in the main areas on certain models, depend on the size and use.
This can be much thinner steel 10-15 percent compared to other steel. Boron steel is used in a variety of the world, ranging from enamel and golf clubs, pyrotechnics and to nuclear reactors.
Of Ford's product line-up in the national automotive market has been using boron steel, among others, Ford Fiesta, Focus and the latest EcoSport. No one bodinya it feels different when trying diketok by hand to feel immune.

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