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Steering Wheel Ford Be Light Thanks To EPAS

September 18, 2014
Steering wheel Ford cars circulating in the automotive market the current Homeland has been equipped with the latest technology called Electric Power-Assisted Steering or EPAS. Thanks to the use of EPAS, the driver easier control of the vehicle.
"Thus the dynamic driving Ford cars have high quality. The one that became his trademark have a peek here is the difference between "flavor" while driving, "says Muina Englo, Branch Manager of Ford field, under the banner of PT Alfa Auto independent.
EPAS are designed to be technology car responsive and make the vehicle stays in line without the need for more effort, so the driver can be more focused and controlled while on the road.
This is because the EPAS use of electric motor and hydraulic pump, so instead of driving a check this out  vehicle can be programmed. "However, there is no dependency engine, so You still have the energy at the time of stall or machine shook," continued the woman who often greeted this Meme.
In addition, fuel efficiency was also increased to 5 per cent, when the adjustment wheel is only created when the conditions of speed, roads and weather need it. Even EPAS offer more aid so that driving so "lighter" and responsive when driving in the city and Park the car.
EPAS also offers little help making driving so "steady" and easily controlled when driving in a high speed on the freeway. Adjustment of steering happens very subtly, so that the driver felt the sensation of an easy drive on track.
These EPAS application installed on Ford's product line-up which is now on sale at markets like national automotive Fiesta, Focus and the latest on the EcoSport.

Boron Steel Body Secret Ford Tough

September 18, 2014
Here's the secret of why Ford car body more resistant to impact. It turns out the whole body and rangkanya coated with boron steel materials. As is known, the boron steel is an alloy steel typically used in infrastructure projects.
The symbol B Boron is the chemical element check over here chemical element found in the Earth's crust. These elements formed on coal, Ocean, sedimentary rocks, and in certain types of soil.
More and more steel, the greater the protection against security of passenger cars. But the question is, how do the Ford engineers that give extra protection without having to add to the load of a check my blog vehicle that can reduce fuel economy? Then, Ford engineers looking for the answer through the aviation industry and find steel boron, where 4 times stronger than the usual high-power steel.
Full steel, Boron steel is very high magnitude used Ford manufacturer, with low metal and dual-phase steel, to protect all passengers, yet still conserve fuel.
"Because the Boron steel can be fused with components that are thinner than normal steel, and lighter at the same time remains strong and has resilience," says Muina Englo, Branch Manager of Ford Field under the flag of PT Alfa Auto independent.
Ordinary woman who is described is addressed this Meme that with refined style as well as a high level of tensile steel, it is easy to set up and merged with the main area, such as bumpers, pillar and to provide ' safe ' flavor without adding weights and use more fuel.
Boron steel is used for all Ford vehicles door beams to help protect passengers in case of a collision on the side. Steel is also used in the main areas on certain models, depend on the size and use.
This can be much thinner steel 10-15 percent compared to other steel. Boron steel is used in a variety of the world, ranging from enamel and golf clubs, pyrotechnics and to nuclear reactors.
Of Ford's product line-up in the national automotive market has been using boron steel, among others, Ford Fiesta, Focus and the latest EcoSport. No one bodinya it feels different when trying diketok by hand to feel immune.

Harley Davidson Sport ties Formed in the

September 18, 2014
The legend of Harley Davidson motorcycle owners in West Sumatra was steadily growing from time to time. Despite the growth in numbers is not too significant, knowing the price of the motor is not cheap, click site but the number of units owned by members of the community in the West continue to grow. It can be seen every time there is activity that held these hobbies clubs.
In the field, one of the Club's origin is the Harley Davidson Club Indonesia (HDCI) West Sumatra that has existed since a few years ago. Its members have achieved a number in the range news of 40 people of various age levels, ranging up to 30 years of age over 60 years.
But, now the West is divided into two HDCI. Some of the members began to secede and form a new community named Harley Davidson Sport Bond (ISHD) field. "Not secede, we named this part instead of divorced," banter h. Ulfia, owner of a shoe store in Permindo, Balance field.
After the search, it turns out some of the other members are aged over 45 years tends to join this new community. "Yes, just a couple of weeks we are amassing for talking about the name of the Club and the members who joined," said Michael Alexander, who was then appointed as Chairman.
According to the men of this age of 47, the Club formed the independent. "Independent, so better not hanging with other clubs," said Michael who once had many variants such as the H-D Road King classic, Heritage standard and classic until finally chose Ultra 2007 Eagle-engined Stream 1,800 cc as the mainstay.
Well, H-D bikers community tend to be called the "old party" this looks ngumpul at home Eating Seagrass Waves on Friday (5/9) morning. See also Yendril, member H Ir DPRD Kota Padang from the riding SG Hanura Party Street Glide 2011 alerts and H Agus Edi entrepreneurs riding a Ultra Classic 2007.
It turns out they're preparing to do touring to Soweto. Incidentally there's a Sumatran event Bike Week in review, Saturday and Sunday that this year's turn of events. location of Pekanbaru so "It's the biker H-D get-together once in two years in Indonesia. Previously on terrain, after it may be allotted or Palembang, Lampung "says Michael who first ascended the moge in 1984 in Australia.
Estimated to be as many as 1,000 units of H-D meets the city of Pekanbaru. Surely the distinctive voice of this American-made motorcycle exhaust will boomed throughout the streets of the oil. This was one of the sensations of riding motorcycles Harley and Bill Arthur creations Walter Davidson. "There is a sense of pride and tersediri sensation hard to be revealed when we ride the H-D motor," explained Haji Ul who had a type of artificial-engined 1942 WLA 750cc and Ultra Classic 2005 with production kitchen runway 1,450 cc.
Indeed recognized, other than as a hobby, has a great motor and drive a Harley Davidson give experience and pride at once is also a lifestyle (lifestyle) fans and lovers of moge H-D. Reasonable when gathering or Club lovers of motor it is scattered in various major cities in the country. They form a community on the basis of similarity of a hobby and passion of fellow bikers brotherhood regardless of age. Don't get me wrong, when many of its members are elderly but still dashing when riding the H-D motorcycle. That is, the age may be old, but the spirit remains young.

Spy Shoot Kawasaki Ninja 1000, Use a new Box Design!

August 7, 2014
In America, the name Kawasaki Ninja 1000 is quite famous in Europe, while this model is known as the Z1000SX Z1000SX or perform full option with luggage box on the right-rear body  this page Well, through the snapshots the photographer from Norway, 2014 version of her we can see right now.
Ubahannya is not too much. But it's clear Kawasaki offers new color combinations more dominant green screen light and luggage box with design applications later. On the back is made of a futuristic bend.
There is no description of what this new design reduces the capacity see here but the evident, the design of this lamp makes sein anyarnya can be mounted higher than before. In aesthetics, design buntutnya any more interesting to look at.
Another revision is seen from the outside is the new brake disc caliper applications, also there is no information whether there are updates on system antilock brake system for him. Whether using a device from Bosch or Nissin. The engine is believed to be the same 1,043 cc four cylinder.

Nih Price Kawasaki Z800 in Thailand, cheaper From Indonesia!

August 7, 2014
In Indonesia, moge naked 4-cylinder Kawasaki Z800 sold Rp 169 million, on the road from Jakarta. The units were imported  this website  directly from Thailand as a whole. Understandably, this is indeed the moge assembly plant in Thailand. Want to know the price of the same motor for Thailand's market?
Info from mention if the motor is removable only 350 thousand Bath or around Rp 129 millions! Yes, certainly cheaper because there is no tax import duties and my company  shipping costs between countries. Color choices in their home country are more diverse. There are orange and white which makes it more attractive look. Are to the same specifications.
On the legs, mounted upside down 41mm at the front and monoshock at the rear, antilock braking devices plus system (ABS). While the use of handlebars flat bart riders intended to more comfortable during the maneuver, also looks dashing.
Kawasaki-engined machine brings the Z800 806 cc, 4-cylinder in line. The technology his has a DOHC 4 valves per cylinders also has refrigerated liquid. For fuel supply system injection. Are claims his energies reach 83 kW or about 111,3 dk on 10,200 rpm and of torque at 8,000 rpm 83 Nm.
For who want to know more complete specifications Kawasaki Z800, the following data

Delivery of the Pulsar 200NS Molor, new units Ready early September!

August 7, 2014
Planned start to get into the hands of consumers at the end of August 2013, the Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS molor lagi. Shipping problem so the cause of delay motor sold 23.3 million.
"There is a delay deliveries from India find this open the goddess Septianti, Sales Promotion Department Deputy Head, PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI). The plan, early September 2013, the unit is ready. "Quiet, early September, Yes," says this friendly Lady.
Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS this brings the machine one cylinder has a capacity of 200 cc engine, equipped with 2 a.k.a. suction and 2 waste a.k.a.. The mechanism of his u.s. noken SOHC but still on his arm rocker manufactured branched out to suppress two a.k.a. at once.
His energies claimed to reach 23 PS on a bonuses hefty machine high round at 9500 rpm. On the space bakarnya is also equipped with 3 plugs in one cylinder. This makes the system burning reportedly more efficiently so that fuel consumption could be more efficient.
Rangkanya model deltabox or Bajaj calls it by the term Perimeter, pressed-steel. In addition to the sturdy look, this order also claimed is very strong and stable. Suspension front bediameter US 37 mm and a rear mono-shock with the gas cylinder which can be organised violence.
The size of the vehicle passable gambot. The front tires wear 100/80-17, while the rear 130/70-17 M/C 62P. Both of the vehicle's brake disc caliper with escorted from Bybre, the son of a major Race for the entry level product.

The US Dollar Climbed, Kawasaki Has Not Planned To Praise Price

August 7, 2014
The Rupiah was hit by exchange rate continue to weaken against the U.s. Dollar, also plans to increase sales tax on luxury goods (PPnBM) from the previous 75 percent to 125 to 150 percent, PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) has not taken any action.
Up to now, Kawasaki noted many market models check here of motor sport that directly imported CBU from Thailand's neighboring countries. Like the Ninja 250, Z250, ER-6n 650, Versys, Ninja, ZX-636 to the ZX-14.
For a while, the manufacturer which is identical to the color green is retaining the sale price motor-motornya. "Indeed the American Dollar rose steadily, but it is not all our transactions (Kawasaki) using the American Dollar," open the goddess Septianti, Sales Promotion Department Deputy Head dig this PT KMI.
"Up to now we have not planned to raise the price of kok. Still like the current status, "yakinnya. The following is a list of prices for motor CBU Kawasaki taken from its official website, all on the road from Jakarta and this price can be different in each area

In Three Months, Sell 4 Million Honda Motorcycles Around the World

August 5, 2014

Japan - Through its official website, the results revealed Honda motorcycle sales in the first quarter of fiscal year 2014-2015 with fairly good results visit has sold 4.137 million units of motorcycles in the world in just three months from April through June 30, 2014, this amount increased by 2 percent compared to the same period the previous year.

Asia remains the largest contributor to sales of Honda motorcycles. In total 3,593 million units of Honda motorcycles sold in Asia as the country that has some of the largest markets such as China, India and Indonesia. For Indonesia itself in the same three months recorded sales of around 1.3 million units.

Even this Asian market showed an increase in sales of around 3.3 percent. So is the North American market, which reached 62 thousand or Europe which continued to increase to 15.3 percent of sales reached 60 thousand units of motorcycles. But in the Japanese market alone, sales of the check it out was down from 52 thousand units to 48 thousand units.

The number of sales is large enough to produce a turnover of 3.99 billion Euro in just three months, an increase of 2.7 percent when compared with last year. Were Honda's net profit generated is 1.435 Billion Dollar during the first quarter.

As for targets, Honda was able to sell it to revise beliefs 18.24 million motorcycles in fiscal year 2014-2015 be 18.08 million units. The reason Honda predicts there will be a decline in sales in some regions such as Asia, North America and Africa.

Journalism Clinic Federal Matic Goes to Campus 2

August 5, 2014

Journalism Clinic Federal Matic Goes to Campus 2

Journalism Federal Matic Clinic Campus Goes to the first series in 2014 finally rolled, the first location is the Faculty of Communication University of Padjadjaran (Padjadjaran University) other Bandung, West Java (4/6) with the theme of sharing writing journalism.

"We want to develop insights, even though we are automotive products but we want to get to a broader segment," open Mardiani Indriastuti, Product Manager of PT click Federal karyatama, Federal Oil producers in front of hundreds of participants at this workshop.

"In this activity, the Federal Oil provide facilities, peers can learn to write and then publish it through the media microsite that we have prepared. Hopefully the writings of the work in this activity can be appreciated," he added.

Materials provided are varied, ranging from specific journalism presented by Dr. Msi ACENG Abdullah, professor of Journalism to trick explore ideas given by the editor of the tabloid sports AUTOMOTIVE, Hari Hidayat.

"With these materials, participants are expected to go home with the ability to write more applicable," said Agus Zoelistriyono, Automotive Digital Media Director, Kompas Gramedia.

Fun gathering Supermoto and Trail Communities

August 5, 2014

Fun gathering Supermoto and Trail Communities

Iftar treated to delicious food, it would have been nice this But it will be bad again, that plus great products at discounted prices insanely. It happened in the iftar gathering and community supermoto and trail bike when opening a second outlet XTREM [1] ST in Summarecon BSD, Tangerang (5/7).

"We held a community gathering enthusiasts and bicycle or motorcycle dirt bike big event then continued with Open Work At BUKPUBER {}. On this occasion, we are also gentlemen implement our soft opening of the second outlet after outlet Gandaria City in South Jakarta, "said Ario Sadewo of XTREM [1] ST.

The weather was overcast and rain, did not dampen the spirit of the motorcycle community anggkota PPC, SMOG, Tagor, SUPERMOTO INDONESIA (SMI) check that Indonesia Duke Owners Community to enliven the event. Furthermore according to the tag of the main motors of various products, offroad until sepedaan extremes that have been cut up to 50 percent.

After eating the iftar menu offerings, they immediately stormed and picking the desired product. Not only the motorcycle community, gathering together while shopping is also enlivened bike community. As Odjie of Gas Pipeline {JPG}, Abraham of Downhill, and Revelation. Out of iftar and shopping together, playful collaboration can be ground together ya

Care for Orphans Solidarity, Brother Seeker Reward

August 5, 2014

Care for Orphans Solidarity, Brother Seeker Reward

At least 13 clubs in Banten, Jakarta, Bekasi appreciate lunge Solidarity Orphan Care (SPY). They hurried to close ranks and work together with this foundation.

"All the clubs come together and make a joint social events try this As per an agreement with the Foundation, we invited 99 orphans for Iftar together in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta, "open Budi Susanto, social service committee chairman and his deputy Abdul Halim.

The cooperation between these clubs truly make salute. There is no selfish club, all are equally seek reward in this holy month.

Before breaking the fast, the location of dozens of motorcycles bukber already crowded den gan various style modifications. There are Pirates Bikers Club, Café Racer Indonesia, Outsiders, MACI Autsyders, Independent, Tagor, RHC, CRCI, AMBI, Benelli Owners Indonesia, Skills, Byonic, KAC, Piaggio also Power.

The atmosphere is warm and affectionate is depicted in this event. Orphans are invited to break the fast together also continued with the prayer in congregation and breaking fast together with the motor. "Held race prayer. Now who is the most good can adzannya gift yes, "said Agus and Mario like this treasurer of the club's events AMBI and Skills.
The moment that awaited the children were quite touching. From the results gathered from the life fund members and sponsors, the entire parcel orphans can Lebaran plus pocket money for them.

Mirrors Motor Function, Standard Factory the Best

August 5, 2014

Mirrors Motor Function, Standard Factory the Best

Should be able to see objects that exist in the back of the motor according to the original, it
absolute requirement rearview mirror. Hence, flat glass used and may not be convex or concave

Rearview mirror next so the prerequisite safety and comfort driving. Motor without a rearview mirror, just be ready to deal with the officer and got a ticket.

His name is also a glass, its function is to see the reflection of the object in front of him. Now if the rearview mirror in the motor, the point to see the reflection of the object that is behind the motor kita.Pabrikan designing such a way that fully functioning rearview mirror and the driver can safely when driving. However, many consider read the design of the factory rearview mirror cool baseball.

So much on offer, the rearview mirror accessory products. With a cool look and tempt consumers to buy it. "Certainly in the riding safety, which could support the mirror drive it has certain requirements. In essence can control the distance the object that is behind the rider, "said Joel D. Mastana, one observer riding safety in the country.

So how should deal with the rearview mirror?

Rossi Motor Sport, Provide Body Plug n Play For Sport 250cc

August 5, 2014

Rossi Motor Sport, Provide Body Plug n Play For Sport 250cc

Tangerang - Recognized product body kit is pretty much demand. Because it provides components Rossi Motor Sport more 250 cc engine capacity made ‚Äč‚Äčthat are directly attach aka PnP.

"For the materials we also use fiber materials going here from fender to full fairing," says Dio, one of the employees Rossi Motor Sport (RMS) on Jl. KH. Hasyim Ashari, Ciledug, Tangerang, Banten.

To paketan 250 cc motorcycle body kit cost about USD 2.2 million - USD 2.5 million.

"The installation is only 2-3 hours depending on the height of the store or the degree of difficulty," said Dio added. Well, actually an instant yes!